Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha 2 Has KDE 4.9.2

The distribution also made the switch to Grub 2, ditching isolinux

Mandriva has announced on November 7, through Per Øyvind Karlsen, that the second Alpha version of the upcoming Mandriva Linux 2012 operating system is now available for download and testing.

Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha 2 wasn't supposed to exist, according to its developers. The initial plan was to skip the second alpha and go straight for the first beta.

Because the distribution was a little rushed, the i586 image is not available and only the x86_64 install is possible.

Highlights of Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha 2:

• The Iso creation tool has been rewritten in python, so now it's faster and merged with DrakX;

• Dual-arch iso features a complete set of all lxde packages;

• A new and complete sound theme has been added;

• Initial work on rewriting installer & libraries in c++ has been started;

• Installer stage1 and rescue mode have been merged, so that the boot.iso no longer has to download rescue environment;

• An extended set of packages built for uClibc environment has been made available;

• Grub 2 has replaced isolinux for the installer. The system migration has been targeted for the first beta version;

• KDE was updated to version 4.9.2

Check out the official mailing list for a complete list of updates.

Download Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha 2 right now from Softpedia.

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