Mandriva Announces Mandriva Class

This is an education tool that will allow students and teachers to interact in new ways

Mandriva S.A has announced Mandriva Class, a real-time education platform for teachers and students that will allow them to interact in a virtual classroom.

The developers of Mandriva have chosen to make an impact in a niche that is ignored by a lot of operating systems. With this new technology, teachers and students will be able to share content, screens and to collaborate, everything being done in real time.

With Mandriva Class we are opening new opportunities for hundreds of thousands of students worldwide who cannot always attend courses physically."

"Mandriva Class bridges the distance between the teacher and the students and delivers the features you want for the education you need,” Marcos Polidoro, head of Mandriva’s Education Center, said in the blog announcement.

This educational solution is not free, but Mandriva feels that it will be available at a fair price. More details can be found in the official announcement.

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