Major KDE Developer Says Goodbye to Ubuntu

KDE developer Martin Gräßlin wants the Ubuntu users to wake up

One of the most important KDE developers, Martin Gräßlin, has written a message to the Ubuntu developers, saying goodbye.

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Shuttleworth wrote on his blog a very virulent post in which he accused the people who criticized Mir as belonging to the “tea party.”

The reaction didn't fail to appear, and among the first to take offense were the KDE developers, Aaron Seigo being one of them. In any case, two weeks later, another KDE developer has chosen to break any connections with the Ubuntu community, one of the reasons being Mark Shuttleworth's post.

“I wish Ubuntu all the luck to fix the problem and I do hope that they will be able to do so. Ubuntu people: wake-up. Realize that a schism is created between Ubuntu and the rest of the FLOSS communities. Realize that Ubuntu makes it impossible to collaborate, it's dangerous to even try to collaborate. Wake up people and fix it. Good Bye, Ubuntu!” said Martin Gräßlin at the end of a very long Google+ post.

Canonical has yet to answer, but it will interesting to watch the things unfold.


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