Main Window of Steam for Linux Only Shows Linux Compatible Games

One of the recent changes to the client has changed the way the Store is displayed

Steam for Linux has been in the Beta stages for some time now, but Valve is making daily changes to its client.

The development of Steam for Linux is going smoothly, and judging by the number of updates for the client, we can only imagine that the final version is not too far off.

The changes are usually for the backend of the client, improving the general performance or simply fixing some problems with the interaction between the software and the games.

One of the recent updates for the Steam client has modified the type of content a Linux user sees in the main window.

Until recently, the main carousel of games from the front page showed all types of titles, for all the platforms, but now it only shows Linux compatible ones.

The rest of the client has remained undisturbed, although we expect that this aspect will change soon.

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