MacOs-Linux 11.04 Officially Killed by Its Developer

The life of the MacOs-Linux distro was very short-lived

The MacOs-Linux 11.04 project, the Linux distribution that was imitating the look and feel of the Mac OS ecosystem, has been discontinued by the developer.

MacOs-Linux 11.04 was a project that seemed to attract problems right from the start. It was a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) that imitated the desktop and a few functionalities of the operating system made by Apple.

Many users thought that the distribution would run into various copyright issues and that seem to have been the case. The developer contacted us and said that the Sourceforge listing had been removed and the project had been killed.

As it turns out, you can’t actually use the logos and the icons because they are protected by copyright. He didn't say if there were some other copyright issues, but he specified that he also noticed a serious problem with the Linux kernel, which would not be surprising given the fact that Ubuntu 11.04 reached end of life back in 2012.

This is not the first operating system that tried to imitate Mac OS. Another, more famous project called Pear OS tried to do the same thing, but the developers managed to keep it alive for a longer period. Pear OS is also dead now.

You can see what the project looked like in our MacOs-Linux 11.04 screenshot tour.

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