LongoMatch 0.18.0 Now Uses GStreamer

The latest version of LongoMatch can be downloaded from Softpedia

LongoMatch, a free video analysis software for sports that can be used to record, tag, review, draw, edit videos, and analyze games in real time, is now at version 0.18.0.

LongoMatch 0.18.0 has been dubbed "House warming" by the developers and comes with one major modification, more precisely a switch to GStreamer.

Highlights of LongoMatch 0.18.0 "House warming":

• A new remuxer using GStreamer has been added, and replaced the one using ffmpeg;

• The video capturer has been rewritten in order to support recording without re-encoding, for supported formats;

• Drawings can now be exported to video files;

• Filters for 'plays' have been added;

• The video player can now be detached from the main window;

• Several bugs have been fixed and the release was stabilized.

A complete list of updates and new features can be found in the official changelog.

Download LongoMatch 0.18.0 right now from Softpedia.

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