Long Term Stable Linux Kernel Initiative Announced

A project created by Consumer Electronics and hosted by The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation announced today, October 26th, in a press release that it's hosting a new project made by its Consumer Electronics (CE) workgroup.

The new project is called Long Term Support Initiative (LTSI) and it's here to sustain annual releases of a Linux kernel created to support the lifespan of consumer electronics products, and regular updates for two years.

"The CE industry has leveraged Linux to reduce costs and speed time to market. Now they are taking the next step to reduce the costly duplication of effort at work maintaining custom kernels," said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation.

"LTSI is an important effort because it will allow vendors to share the work of maintaining a common kernel for the consumer electronics industry, resulting in more use of Linux in the industry and increasing contributions from CE makers to the advancement of Linux."

Read more about this subject on the press release.

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