Linux Users Want a Google Drive Native Client

A petition has appeared online and it has garnered a lot of support

Google Drive is a great online tool for backup and other such activities, but the Linux support is simply nonexistent.

The Google Drive service has been launched for over a year now, but there is no sign of a Linux client that would allow the users of the open source platform to connect natively.

There are some third-party solutions, and Insync is probably the most famous one. Unfortunately, when the Linux client exits the Beta stages, it will most likely cost quite a few pennies.

A simple petition has been put in place on, in which a lot of users have requested that a Linux native client for Google Drive.

As online petitions go, it's rather unlikely that it will have any influence over Google, but it's nice to see that the Linux community is not idle on this subject.

If you want to express your opinion on this subject, you should check the petition here.

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