Linux-Powered Sniper Rifle Presented at CES 2013 – VIDEO

The manufacturer says there are no military application as of yet

People think that CES 2013 is all about phones, tablets, new processors and similar technologies, but the truth is that a lot of other products are exhibited, and that includes a Linux-powered sniper rifle.

It's not really surprising that someone has managed to make use of a Linux operating system in a more unorthodox manner. talked with TrackingPoint about their PGFs guns (Precision Guided Firearms).

The company produces several sniper rifles, but they all share the same technology, a computerized and Linux-powered scope. Apparently, this kind of technology will make it easier for hunters to track animals through the scope and will provide correct information about distance and other factors.

The TrackingPoint sniper developers have said that so far the technology in their rifles doesn't have any military applications and that they are not interested about a partnership with the Department of Defense.

More information about the TrackingPoint rifles will be made available on their official website, soon.

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