Linux-Powered Smart Rifles Will Change the Nature of Warfare, US Army Starts Buying Them

It won't be long before smart rifles are used by everyone

The Tracking Point company has managed to sell six of its Linux-powered rifles to the US military, and this could be just the beginning.

According to a report, Tracking Point has announced that the US military has purchased six of its smart rifles, which are priced at between $10,000 (€7,308) and $27,000 (€19,726).

Why are they smart, you ask? The weapon itself is not actually the selling point. The rifles come equipped with a very sophisticated scope, which incorporates a number of sensors and a Linux system, and communicates with the weapon.

The company that builds the scopes says that the person using them would require little to no experience in order to be a marksman. The shooter just needs to tag the target and the scope will provide all the instructions.

It's clear that the purchase has been made for testing purposes, but if the US Military likes what it sees, it might change the very nature of warfare. And on top of that, the scopes are using a Linux system.

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