Linux Mint Debian to Be Called "Betsy"

Linux Mint developers are working to bring the Debian edition up to standards

Linux Mint developers have decided to give a separate codename for their operating system based on Debian and it's going to be Betsy.

Regular Linux Mint releases, like Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, and Xfce, are based on Ubuntu, but the developers are also working on a couple of other Linux Mint distros based on Debian.

They haven't got it completely off the ground just yet, but they are working on it and they are hoping to prove a good alternative to the Ubuntu base.

"The upcoming release of LMDE will be version 2, codename 'betsy' and it will use a Debian 'jessie' package base. The team is currently adapting to the new LMDE, setting up its repositories and porting various packages onto it. The target for a stable release is estimated for this November, along with an official upgrade path from UP8 to Betsy," said the leader of the Linux Mint project, Clement Lefebvre.

Linux Mint Debian still has a long way to go until it reaches a stable status and until it is able to sit on the same level with the other distros in the series.

The latest release was made back in March and you can download Linux Mint Debian now from Softpedia.

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