Linux Mint Is the Most Popular Distribution, Says Pingdom

The data was taken from's standings

Some interesting statistics have been published by Pingdom, and although we may not agree with some of them, we thought to share them with you.

The first data put forward by Pingdom is about the popularity of various Linux distributions. The first place is occupied by Linux Mint, followed by Mageia and Ubuntu.

If it doesn't seem right, that's because it's not actually statistical data, but the most popular chart from

Other interesting numbers were shared, like the fact that 92.4% of the top 500 supercomputers in the world run Linux, 75% of all smartphones in the world run Android, Linux kernel 3.2 incorporates over 15.000.000 lines of code, or that Madagascar is an avid user of Linux OSes.

More details and facts about Linux can be found in Pingdom's announcement.

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