Linux Mint Debian Edition to Switch to a Debian Stable Package Base

The Debian-based Linux Mint flavor is going trough some changes

The Linux Mint developers have decided to switch the Debian edition for the Linux distribution from the current snapshot cycle to a Debian Stable package base.

The devs have been discussing whether to make this important modification for Linux Mint, and a decision has finally been reached.

“After a long reflection and many discussions the decision was made to switch Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) from its current snapshot cycle to a Debian Stable package base. The transition from Update Pack 8 to Debian Jessie should be smooth and similar to a traditional UP upgrade, in sync with the upstream Jessie freeze planned for November this year,” says Clement Lefebvre, the leader of the Linux Mint project.

This decision won't have a great impact on the user base and it's unlikely that most people will even notice the change. In case you forgot, there is also a Debian-based Linux Mint distribution being made, although its future and scope haven’t been made clear.

The current editions of Linux Mint distros are based on Ubuntu and it looks like that it will remain this way for a couple of years at least. The Debian edition of Linux Mint doesn't receive the same amount of attention as the other ones, but they are still being made and they might replace the Ubuntu base sometime in the future.

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