Linux Mint 15 to Feature HTML5 Powered Login Screens

The login screen could even be able to display games

The well-known Linux Mint distribution has received an important update for MDM (Mint Display Manager) and it’s now accepting HTML5 themes.

According to the developers, the Mint Display Manager is the software responsible for the login screen, it coordinates the authentication and the launching of the desktop sessions.

“MDM 1.2 will be available in Linux Mint 15 and will feature this new Webkit greeter and a selection of HTML themes,” stated the Linux Mint developers in the official announcement.

By including the ability to accept HTML5 themes, MDM will be able to provide a livelier and prettier greeting screen.

This means that en entire game can be implemented in the login screen. The Linux Mint developers have shown this is possible by integrating a full level from the original Mario Bross game, although they also said it’s not the ideal use for MDM.

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