Linux Kernel Developers Complain About Changelogs and Patches

The discussions took place at the 6th Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, the 6th edition nonetheless, that is held in San Francisco this year and that ends today, has yielded some interesting remarks.

According to, a few Linux kernel developers have expressed their disappointment with a couple of issues, more precisely with patches that break Linux functionality and with the changelogs.

After having some problems with Bluetooth functionality and after a discussion with the maintainer of the package, Keith Packard, developer for the Linux kernel, said he realized that people who submitted patches didn't know how to do it without updating the existing userspace API.

The other problem mentioned at the 6th Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, this time by no other than James Bottomley (director at the Linux Foundation among others), was the incomplete information in the changelogs.

"I get a lot of changelogs that describe the change as doing this and that, but they don't tell you why they are doing it”, said Bottomley. He says that the changelogs shouldn't describe the change, but the effect the user experiences.

For a few months now, The Linux Foundation operates from Berlin, Germany. By gathering strong partners under its umbrella, the company hopes to develop a collaborative development model as accelerated growth in other areas such as mobile and embedded development, security and multimedia is undeniable.

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