Linux Kernel 3.13 Finally Arrives on Arch Linux, with a Warning

The latest version of the Linux kernel implemented in Arch Linux is now 3.13.4

After exactly one month of testing, the main Linux kernel packages of the Arch Linux operating system have been finally updated to the current version, 3.13.4.

During the past years, Arch Linux proved to be a pioneer distribution, especially when we talk about the latest software releases. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Linux kernel 3.13, which caused some issues and required modular PS/2 keyboard support.

On February 21, the Arch Linux maintainers decided to finally move the Linux kernel 3.13 packages to the Core channel, but with a warning: "There's a downside to all this: On some motherboards (mostly ancient ones, but also a few new ones), the i8042 controller cannot be automatically detected. It's rare, but some people will surely be without keyboard."

Officially released on January 20, 2014, Linux kernel 3.13 introduces nftables, support for NFC payments, automatic GPU switching and power management for AMD Radeon graphics cards, and a scalable block layer specifically designed for high-performance SSDs. The latest release is 3.13.5 and can be downloaded right now from Softpedia.

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