Linux Kernel 3.12 Will Be Named Suicidal Squirrel

The Linux 3.12 kernel will be released sometime at the end of the year

Linus Torvalds made a Git commit on September 11, modifying the codename of the Linux kernel from "Linux for Workgroups" to "Suicidal Squirrel."

Yes, you've guessed! "Suicidal Squirrel" is the codename for the upcoming Linux kernel 3.12, which will bring features like run-time GPU power management, support for AMD Berlin HSA APU, support for Lenovo Ideapad Slidebar, better Dynamic Power Management support, and much more.

Linus Torvalds' message on the website is more than explicit "This reverts the Linux for Workgroups thing. And no, before somebody asks, we're not doing Linux95. Not for a few years, at least."

"Sure, the flag added some color to the logo, and could have remained as a testament to my leet gimp skills. But no. And I'll do this early, to avoid the chance of forgetting when I'm doing the actual rc1 release on the road."

Keep your eyes on Softpedia Linux for the latest news, as Linus Torvalds should unleash the first Release Candidate of Linux kernel 3.12 very soon.

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