Linux to Help Valve Escape the Windows 8 Prison

Gabe Newell gave an interesting keynote speech at DICE 2013

In case people haven't noticed yet, Valve has big plans for the Linux platform and Gabe Newell has once again explained why this is so.

Gabe Newell, Valve's boss and one of its co-founders, gave a short keynote speech at the DICE 2013 Summit, which is held in Las Vegas.

He has explained in his speech that the Linux platform now works as a “get out of jail free card.” Newell stated in the past that he didn't like Windows 8 and that he thinks the operating system from Microsoft was going in the wrong direction.

Valve also explores the possibility of building their own console, or better yet a Steam Box, that will be designed to “take over” the livingroom.

Strangely enough, Gabe Newell considers Apple to be its main rival because they both share the same interests in home entertainment.

You can check out his entire keynote speech in the video above.

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