Linux Embedded Appliance Framework 4.3.2 Fixes Loading Dependencies

Several other important fixes were implemented in this version

LEAF, a secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded Linux network appliance for use in a variety of network topologies, is now at version 4.3.2.

LEAF 4.3.2 is the second maintenance release in the 4.3 branch and only comes with a handful of changes.

Highlights of LEAF 4.3.2:

• Fixes for apkg, lrcfg.backup, openswan and sorting of ethernet interfaces in webconf have been implemented;

• A regulatory database file for wireless drivers has been added to the kernel;

• The dnsmasq and lmsensors packages have been updated to the latest upstream versions;

• A few bugs that affected the loading dependencies have been sorted and fixed;

• A regression bug in lrcfg.backup, which would not respect the settings in /var/lib/lrpkg/backup, has been repaired.

A comprehensive list of changes, featuring all the updates and new features, can be found in the official announcement.

Download LEAF 4.3.2 right now from Softpedia.

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