Linux 3.8 LTS Kernel Rumors Squashed by Greg Kroah-Hartman

The kernel maintainer also said that 3.8 would, in fact, have a very short life

The well-known Linux kernal maintainer and developer Greg Kroah-Hartman has stated once more that he had no intention of making the 3.8 branch an LTS one.

Some rumors have been circulating in the last couple of weeks, which said that the Linux kernel 3.8 branch would become LTS (long-term support).

Greg Kroah-Hartman is the kernel maintainer for this particular branch, and he has been constantly asked the same question: will 3.8 be an LTS?

“I would like to announce that the 3.8 Linux kernel series is NOT going to be a longterm stable kernel release. I will NOT be maintaining it for long time, and in fact, will stop maintaining it right after the 3.9 kernel is released,” stated Greg KH on the website of the Linux Foundation.

We have to keep in mind that he already has a couple of other LTS versions that need constant work, the 3.0 and the 3.4 branches.

Moreover, he also said that the support for Linux kernel 3.8 would be ended when 3.9 is officially released.

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