Linus Torvalds Says People Must Work More on Technologies and Less on Log-in Screens

The Linux maintainer and developer is somewhat disappointed about the state of the desktop

Linus Torvalds talked about the problems in the Linux world and about the constant bickering between the main actions in the Linux desktop community.

During the LinuxCon + CloudOpen Europe 2013 conference in Edinburgh, the father of the Linux desktop has been asked about the future of the desktops.

“Linux is doing so wonderfully well in so many different areas and I am still somewhat disappointed about the fact that Linux desktop is this morass of infighting and people who do bad things,” said Linus Torvalds.

“I do hope that the desktop people would try to work together and work more on technology that trying to make the log-in screen look really nice,” he concluded.

Most likely this is a comment about the “fight” between the Wayland and Mir display servers, which has been escalating with each passing month.

You can follow the entire conference in the video above this article.

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