Linus Torvalds Is Trying Out KDE

He's giving the KDE desktop environment another chance

Linus Torvalds has very specific tastes regarding the operating system he uses and now he wants to give KDE another chance.

We all remember his reaction to openSUSE when he invited the people responsible with security in the distribution to “kill themselves,” so now we’re rather curios to check out this reaction to KDE.

“It still looks a bit too cartoony, and the default widget/plasmoid behavior with mouse-over pretty much immediately showing the controls for it annoys the hell of me. You can lock the widgets down and they calm down and act normal, but it's some really odd and distracting default behavior,” explained Linus Torvalds in a Google+ post.

The reason he’s now trying the KDE desktop environment is because it’s still the most configurable one and has the potential to provide the most fun.

“Like being able to rotate those desktop widgets any which way you want. I wonder what that odd rotation thing on the widget control bar does? Whee – trippy,” continued Torvalds.

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