LilyPond 2.17.7 Has Optional Octavation

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LilyPond, a music engraving program, devoted to producing the highest-quality sheet music possible by featuring the aesthetics of traditionally engraved music to computer printouts, is now at version 2.17.7.

LilyPond 2.17.7 may be an unstable version, but it's still an important release as it brings a lot of updates and changes.

Highlights of LilyPond 2.17.7:

• The LilyPond syntax of dot-separated words `Voice.Accidental' has been made interchangeable with `#'(Voice Accidental);

• rob and grob property path no longer needs to be specified as two separate arguments to commands, like `\override' and `\revert';

• Due to words now being accepted as symbol function arguments, the interfaces of `\accidentalStyle', `\alterBroken', `\footnote' and `\tweak' had to be redesigned;

• The bar line user interface has changed.

Check out the complete changelog for a full list of modifications.

Download LilyPond 2.17.7 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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