LightDM 1.8.8 Arrives with More Improvements

The latest version of this popular display manager can be downloaded from Softpedia

LightDM 1.8.8, a cross-desktop display manager that aims to be the standard DM for the X.Org X server, is now available for download and comes with a small number of improvements.

If LightDM sounds familiar, then you should know that it's most commonly found in Ubuntu distributions and has been included by default for a long time. It’s not really something that users have to interact with, but it is a very important piece of software.

The LightDM development has been going well and the developers have been releasing new versions at a steady pace. It’s not yet clear what will happen with LightDM after the Mir display server will come out, but it will interesting to find out.

According to the changelog, signals are now being received in child processes instead of treating them like they are received in the daemon, the X authority is now written before X server is started, session type requested by greeter are now honored for the guest sessions, a number of small memory leaks have been fixed, and the double removal of source IDs has been corrected.

Check the source archive for more details about this release. Download LightDM 1.8.8 right now from Softpedia.

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