LibreOffice Migration Explained with a White Paper Document

The Document Foundation wants to help governments and businesses to migrate to LibreOffice

The Document Foundation has released a white paper that should help organizations easily adopt LibreOffice.

The white paper was published on Document Freedom Day and it shows how governments and enterprises can adopt LibreOffice in order to diminish their IT expenditures.

“According to the white paper, migrations to Free Software – and especially to LibreOffice – should follow a carefully crafted change management process, which needs to handle not only the technical aspects, which are actually the easiest ones to cope with, but also the barriers met when breaking long-term working habits,” reads the official announcement.

LibreOffice will encourage people to adopt the ODF format (Open Document Format), a measure which should provide a degree of freedom from proprietary document formats.

Moreover, LibreOffice comes with a large number of add-ons which allows users to import proprietary formats, including Microsoft Office, Publisher, Visio, Works, and more.

The white paper is available on “The Document Foundation” official website.

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