Legends of Aethereus Superb RPG Makes a Surprise Appearance on Linux

A new Steam for Linux game has been launched and it even features a discount

Legends of Aethereus, a beautiful RPG developed by the Three Gates studio, has been released on Steam for Linux.

The Linux development for this title hasn't been widely publicized, so the launch of this title on Steam for Linux has been quite a surprise.

“The planet of Aethereus is an ancient and mysterious world filled with majestic forests, misty swamps, deep caves and ancient ruins. Devastated by three large astronomical events, the Three Great Skyfalls, it is a world just coming out of chaos and ruin,” reads the official synopsis on Steam.

Legends of Aethereus may look dead gorgeous, even for the Linux platform, but this comes with a price. The recommended system requirements are pretty steep: Intel I5 or better, 8 GB RAM, a graphics card with 768MB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / ATIRadeon HD 5850), and 3 GB of available space.

The game also benefits from a 20% discount until October 4. More details about the game can be found on the official Steam website.

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