Legend of the Knightwasher, on Linux, Through Steam

A weird story about a washing machine in the adventure of its life

By on 10 Oct 2012, 11:12 GMT

Legend of the Knightwasher is a somewhat strange game, with a weird plot involving a washing machine and his crusade.

According to the developer, Detocroix, Knightwasher is a tale of knightly washing machine who goes on crusade against a false king who took the crown by chopping both old king and his knights to death.

Players will control a washing machine that can attack using a wooden lance and it relies heavily on a powerful physics engine that controls both the movement of the main character, but also that of the enemy.

It features a beautiful, lush world that is beautifully constructed, with a nice image filter over it that leaves the impression of a fairy tale.

So far, the project is only listed on Steam Greenlight, but the supported platform includes Linux.

“Lance of wood, cogs of steel,
The Knightwasher tilts his foe.
A massive slam, a song of metal,
The Knightwasher's foe tumbles no more.

Wooden lance, sings it's song.
Impact strong, foe is done.
Whisper of an axe, ends in a yell.
Life escapes, only one stands.”