Learn a New Language with OpenTeacher 3.0

The developers have build the new version from scratch

OpenTeacher, an opensource vocabulary training application that helps users learn a foreign language with the use of smart question asking and interval training, is now at version 3.0.

OpenTeacher 3.0 marks a milestone for the application as the developers have chosen to start everything from scratch and implement a series of new features.

Highlights of OpenTeacher 3.0:

• A topography lesson mode has been added;

• A media lesson mode (like images, sounds, videos or websites) has been added;

• The presentation of the results of tests has been improved;

• An improved way to input words, directly into a table, has been implemented;

• Text to speech, which pronounces the words or places you're learning, has been added;

• A tabbed interface has been added, which allows you to have multiple files open at the same time.

Download OpenTeacher 3.0 right now from Softpedia.

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