Learn a New Language with OpenTeacher 3.1

This is a stable version and features a few interesting features

OpenTeacher, an opensource vocabulary training application that helps users learn a foreign language with the use of smart question asking and interval training, is now at version 3.1.

OpenTeacher 3.1 follows the release of a previous stable version that marked a new beginning for the software, which was redesigned from scratch.

Highlights of OpenTeacher 3.1:

• A Typing Tutor, which adapts to your typing skills, has been added;

• Flashcardexchange.com, quizlet.com, studystack.com, vocatrain.com and woordjesleren.nl vocabulary import has been added;

• Load support has been added for Anki, CSV, CueCard, Domingo, gnuVocabTrain, Granule, JMemorize, KGeography, KDE Vocabulary, Mnemosyne, Overhoor/Drill Assistant, Overhoringsprogramma Talen, Pauker, TeachMaster, Voca, Vocabularium, VokabelTrain, and VTrain text files;

• Support has been added for KDE Vocabulary, CSV and HTML files;

• A new start screen is now available.

Download OpenTeacher 3.1 right now from Softpedia.

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