Leaked Images of the Ubuntu Edge Phone Look Fantastic – Image Gallery

The source of the images is unclear and they might not be the real deal

By on July 20th, 2013 15:36 GMT

Canonical has announced that a new product will be launched on Monday, but a few seemingly true images have been leaked ahead of time.

Canonical has used teasers in the past for upcoming products and the Ubuntu.com website is now displaying such a teaser.

The community has speculated that it could be about a tablet, but a few images have appeared on the Internet and are painting a different picture.

The provenience of the images can’t be authenticated, but the source of the leaks says that he just downloaded from the official website, from an unprotected directory.

First of all, these are not actual pictures of the phone, but rendered images of the final product. The phone is not branded by a third-party developer and has the Ubuntu logo on the back.

The Ubuntu Edge phone (check the official report), if this is the real deal, features a front and back camera, and a few standard buttons.

Check the gallery below for a complete view of the phone.

Ubuntu Edge (6 Images)

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