Last Chance to Get Cubemen 2 for Linux with 50% Discount

The promotion is set to expire in a little over a day

Cubemen 2, a funny 3D strategy game developed and published by 3 Sprockets studio, is available on Steam for Linux with 50% discount.

Cubemen 2 is a fast-paced game in which players have to use their units, called Cubemen, to defend and attack enemies in a multitude of modes, including CTF, Skirmish, Territory, and more.

The developers are also providing the chance to bet a “Cubemen 2 2-Pack,” which includes an extra copy of the game that can be sent as gift.

Linux System Requirements:

• OS: Ubuntu 12.04 +

• Processor: 2 Ghz Intel or AMD

• Memory: 1GB

• Hard Disk Space: 200MB

• Video Card: OpenGL 2.0 Nvidia 8000, Radeon HD3000, Intel HD ( No GMA9xx )

• Sound: OS Compatible sound card with latest drivers.

More details about this game can be found on the official Steam website.

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