LXLE 12.04.3 Wants to Look like Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Unity

The LXLE distribution stands for Lubuntu Extra Life Extension

By on August 23rd, 2013 12:19 GMT

Lubuntu Extra Life Extension Paradigm, a remastered version of Lubuntu that introduces some new features and the developer aims to provide support for until the next LTS version, is now at version 12.04.3.

“Paradigm is a tentative attempt to create four different desktop paradigms for users to choose from once they start up their aging computers when using LXLE. Just because a computer may be aging shouldn't hinder your work flow,” reads the announcement for LXLE 12.04.3.

Lubuntu Extra Life Extension 12.04.3 with a lot of new packages, including Totem (instead of VLC), Dictionary, App Finder, ClamTK, Flush (instead of Transmission), Roxterm (instead of Lxterminal), Font Manager, Filezilla, disk usage analyzer, and much more.

More details about this distribution can be found in the official announcement. Download Lubuntu Extra Life Extension 12.04.03 right now from Softpedia.

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