Kubuntu Officially Distances Itself from Mir and Xmir

A KDE and Kubuntu developer has made some very harsh statements

The Mir controversy between Canonical and Kubuntu is now over, but the future of Kubuntu as an Ubuntu flavor remains uncertain.

Ubuntu and Kubuntu developers had a lot of discussions during the last couple of weeks and the conclusion is that Kubuntu will not be using Mir or Xmir.

“A few months ago Canonical announced their new graphics system for Ubuntu, Mir. It's a shame the Linux desktop market hasn't taken off as we all hoped at the turn of the millennium and they feel the need to follow a more Apple or Android style of approach making an OS which works in isolation rather than as part of a community development method,” said Kubuntu's Jonathan Riddell.

This is a rather definitive statement from a KDE and Kubuntu developer, which will only serve to further the gap between Ubuntu and the other distros.

Luckily for the users, Mir is not a pressing matter yet and we'll only begin to worry about the future of Ubuntu after the 14.04 LTS release.

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