Kscope4 1.7.0 Ported to KDE4 and Qt4

The latest version of Kscope4 can be downloaded from Softpedia

Kscope4 1.7, a project that aims to port the 1.6.0 version Kscope to KDE4 and Qt4 (which in turn is a GUI frontend for cscope), has been announced.

Kscope4 1.7.0 is intended to search for a set of files or to call a `project\' for the definition. All the cscope commands are usable and a graph part has been made available.

Highlights of Kscope4 1.7.0:

• The port to KDE4 and Qt4 has been completed;

• The documentation has been updated;

• Multiple-call nodes have been implemented in the call-graph;

• Workspace toolbar buttons have been re-arranged;

• Hitting Enter in the "Open Project" dialogue's list of recent projects now opens the selected project;

• Hanging status bar messages are now avoided when a project is closed.

A complete list of feature can be found in the enclosed changes files, in the software archive.

Download Kscope4 1.7.0 right now from Softpedia.

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