Kickstarter Death Star Will Use Open Source Software and Hardware

A Raspberry Pi Beowulf cluster could be used to support the day-to-day operations

Kickstarter is now used to raise enough money for the construction of a Death Star, like the one in the Star Wars trilogy, but with less obvious vulnerabilities.

The project creator for this Kickstarter project remains a mystery and can only be identified by its website. It seems that the refusal of the White House to start building an actual Death Star, following a petition, has prompted people to start raising money to build their own.

The starting point for this Kickstarter is £20,000,000 ($31,000,000) and it just covers the plans and acquisition of chicken wire for the protection of the reactor exhaust ports.

The stretch goals, if met, will ensure the building of the actual Death Star. They only need to raise £543 trillion ($850 trillion). The costs will be kept low by using open source hardware and software.

As for the hardware, one of the proposals include the use of Raspberry Pi Beowulf cluster.

The author of this joke also mentions that he hopes that the Kickstarter people will treat it as such, especially because the final goal has been set high enough to make successful funding “almost” impossible.

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