Kamerka 0.8.5 Webcam App Fixes Main Window

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Kamerka, a Qt4 app that uses KDE4 libraries and Video4Linux in order to get images from the webcam and to save still images, is now at version 0.8.5.

The Kamerka tool has already been integrated in a lot of distributions. This latest version comes with some pretty interesting changes and new features.

Highlights of Kamerka 0.8.5:

• A few basic filters and mirroring support have been added;

• An option for locking the image preview proportions has been added;

• The initial window size is now longer being hardcoded to the 640x480 resolution;

• Some coding convention fixes have been implemented;

• Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, and Dutch translations were added for the application.

A complete backlog of changes can be found in the official announcement.

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