KDevelop 4.5.1 Now Works on FreeBSD

The latest version of KDevelop can be downloaded from Softpedia

The KDevelop team has the immediate availability for download of the KDevelop 4.5.1 software, which comes with improved performance, lots of new features and assorted bug fixes.

Kdevelop 4.5.1 is programing-language independent and can be used by programs like Quanta, Kile, KtechLab, and so on.

Highlights of KDevelop 4.5.1:

• The application no longer crashes while completing null types;

• The kdevelop scripts are now working on FreeBSD;

• The compilation of the default cmake template is now working properly;

• The conversion from QByteArray to Qstring is now done properly;

• The cmake icon sizes have been fixed;

• Erroneous double-quotes around %c, in the Exec line, have been removed;

• A missing msg extraction has been added.

For more details about the KDevelop 4.5.1 release, please take a look at the official announcement.

Download KDevelop 4.5.1 right now from Softpedia.

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