KDE's Future Is with Wayland, Says KDE Developer

More and more project are siding with the Wayland Display Server

The maintainer of KDE Plasma Compositor and Window Manager, Martin Gräßlin, has said that the future of KDE is with Wayland.

There’s a big debate right now is about who is fit to replace the aging X Display Server, and it seems that Wayland is beginning to become the obvious choice, despite Canonical’s Mir announcement (their own display server).

“Plasma Workspaces 2 will be released at an interesting point of time. We don’t want to do the transition to Qt 5 and Wayland at the same time, so it will still be X based. But we all agree that our future will be on Wayland and even if we use X as the windowing system our primary focus is on Wayland,” stated Martin Gräßlin in a blog post.

Sure enough, nothing substantial will be achieved soon, but it’s going to be very interesting to see what will happen with distributions such as Kubuntu.

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