KDE and Linux Were Used in the Production of the Movie “Gravity”

The production team for the movie relies heavily on KDE

KDE workspaces has been the go-to solution for a large number of serious projects, such as the control room for a particle accelerator, but it seems that it has also found its way to the computers of Gravity's production team.

If you recall, the movie Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, made quite an impact last year, mostly because it was filmed with state-of-the-art technologies. KDE's Eike Hein noticed that the team that worked on those amazing effects had been using KDE all along.

“But from time to time it still provides me with a (pleasant) shock to the system to see our software help others push the envelope and create amazing things. The latest example occurred just the other day, while I was watching the making-of documentary for Alfonso Cuarón's impressive film Gravity.”

“Framestore worked for several years to provide the majority of the film's effects shots, and their London-based offices appear filled to the brim with workstations running KDE Plasma. I think I may have even spotted Yakuake on a panel in there,” said Eike Hein on the official KDE blog.

Gravity has ten nominations for the upcoming Oscar Academy Awards and it will probably win quite a few statuettes.

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