KDE Telepathy 0.2 Announced

The second iteration of the communication suite is now officially available

After the official announcement for KDE Software Compilation 4.7.4 and KDE Software Compilation 4.8 Beta 2, the KDE Telepathy 0.2 framework has just been announced, bringing new and interesting features.

KDE Telepathy is a suite of applications that form an instant-messaging client for Jabber, Gmail, Facebook, MSN and more.

What makes KDE Telepathy different is that it completely integrates with Plasma Workspaces, but can be used as a normal application.

Highlights of KDE Telepathy 0.2:

· KWallet integration for storing passwords;

· A Plasmoid for instant access to a contact is now available;

· Users now have the ability to set status to the currently playing track from Amarok, Clementine or any other mpris2-compatible player;

· Auto Away function;

· A progress bar and cancel button for file transfers are present;

· Over 130 bugfixes and tweaks since 0.1 release, and more to come!

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