KDE Targets Nokia N9 and N950

The developers managed to get a project starting in just a couple of days

A few KDE developers gathered in Berlin, at the Physics Institute of the Humboldt University, for a KDE mobile sprint, a type of event that usually produces fast results.

The developers have discussed the primary steps of porting KDE in Harmattan (an evolved MeeGo version developed by Nokia), on two smartphones, Nokia N9 and N950.

At the end of the event (details can be found here), the developers have managed to get quite a few things going. A KDE Harmattan repository is now in place, so is a Wikipage and a scratchbox guide. Also, the Gluon Player was built for Harmattan.

MADDE, Maemo Application Development and Debugging Environment, was also discussed and it's in the works. The community repository of MeeGo will be used for the actual development of this KDE project.

KDE going mobile is a nice movement, if they can get it off the ground, and it will be interesting to watch how the phone manufacturers will react.

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