KDE Specialized IDE KDevelop 4.6 Officially Released

The latest version of KDevelop can be downloaded from Softpedia

The KDevelop team has announced the immediate availability for download of the KDevelop 4.6 software, which comes with improved performance, lots of new features, and assorted bug fixes.

Kdevelop 4.6 is programing-language independent and can be used by programs like Quanta, Kile, KtechLab, and so on.

Highlights of KDevelop 4.6:

• The ReviewBoard plugin now supports updating existing review requests;

• KDevelop comes with a shiny new animated Splash Screen;

• The area tabs ("Code," "Review," "Debug") have been replaced with a unified button;

• The new Project Filter plugin provides a powerful tool to define which files you want to be part of your project;

• Support for various C++11 features has been added to the C++ language plugin;

• The PHP language plugin received support for various new features introduced by the last PHP releases;

• The GDB support has been improved.

For more details about the KDevelop 4.6 release, please take a look at the official announcement. Download KDevelop 4.6 right now from Softpedia.

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