KDE PackageKit Interface Apper Gets an Important Update

The information about untrusted packages is now displayed correctly

Apper, the KDE interface for PackageKit (formerly known as KpackageKit) that is used to manage packages, applications and updates in a cross-distribution way, is now at version 0.8.

According to the developer, one of the biggest changes in Apper is the ability of the project to run parallel transactions in the daemon, which means users will be able to browse packages while installing them.

Highlights of Apper 0.8:

• A proper description for untrusted packages is now shown;

• The password dialog is no longer missed by the user if the simulation takes too long;

• It’s now possible to automatically download new updates when they arrive and have a notification to install them when they finish downloading;

• All transaction messages where added to a list and a tray icon was created to show them;

• Information about new distro upgrades in the Apper Updater GUI was moved to a KmessageWidget.

Download Apper 0.8 right now from Softpedia.

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