KDE Developer Accuses Sony of Pirating Their Oxygen Theme

One icon from KDE theme has made its way onto the Sony website

KDE developer Jonathan Riddell has accused Sony of stealing artwork from the Oxygen theme, but so far there hasn't been any response from the company.

Jonathan Riddell has pointed out, in a small blog post, that Sony has used one of the Oxygen icons in order to illustrate a feature on the VAIO website.

“Sony, the company who created Audio CDs which installed a rootkit on Windows computer to try to stop people copying music has pirated KDE artwork. The preferences-system.png icon from Oxygen is on their Choose your Vaio webpages (next to configure) but impressively is also on the UEFI firmware should you boot up into Assist mode,” stated the developer.

It's not clear how the icon has made its way onto Sony's website, but it's clearly in violations of the KDE's LGPL 3 license.

He ends his post by asking rhetorically if they should sue Sony for all they're worth.

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