KDE Deploys New Mirror Network

The new download solution should ease the user experience

The developers of KDE SC have just deployed a new mirror network that will be used to spread software to the masses.

As everyone is aware, users had to choose the mirror server manually before downloading a package. Now, the new system chooses a mirror automatically, based on the country where the user is located. If there's no local mirror, another location is selected based on the continent.

Acoording to the KDE developers, the software used for this KDE mirroring network is MirrorBrain, a solution that also powers downloads of openSUSE, Libre Office and others.

"It is becoming increasingly important for our users to update maps and other in-app data."

"With that demand growing, it makes sense to power this file distribution with a professional mirror network and keep it manageable for us.", according to Tom Albers from the KDE Sysadmin Team.

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