KDE 4.12.2 and 4.11.6 Officially Released with More than 20 Bugfixes

The new KDE releases improve Kontact, Okular, Umbrello, Dolphin, Konqueror, and more apps

Today, February 4, the KDE Project has announced, as expected, the second maintenance release for the stable KDE 4.12 Applications and Development Platform, as well as the sixth maintenance release of the KDE 4.11 Plasma Workspaces.

KDE 4.12.2 and 4.11.6 are here to repair more than 20 bugs reported by users from the previous releases. It improves the Kontact PIM (Personal Information Management) suite, the Okular document viewer, the Umbrello UML tool, the Dolphin file manager, the Konqueror web browser, and others.

"Today KDE released updates for its Applications and Development Platform, the second in a series of monthly stabilization updates to the 4.12 series. This release also includes an updated Plasma Workspaces 4.11.6. This release contains only bugfixes and translation updates; it will be a safe and pleasant update for everyone," the official release announcement reads.

Download KDE Applications and Development Platform 4.12.2, as well as KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.11.6 right now from Softpedia.

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