Jibbed 6.0 – a NetBSD Based Distribution – Is Available for Download

The developer has apologized for delaying the release

Jibbed, a LiveCD distribution based on the NetBSD operating system that works directly from a CD, is now at version 6.0.

Unlike previous releases, the present version of Jibbed, 6.0, is only available for the 64-bit architecture. It also arrived with a two-month delay.

Jibbed 6.0 features advanced automatic hardware detection which provides support for a lot of graphics cards, sound cards, network interfaces, and USB devices.

User who download and use this LiveCD will get to experience a complete NetBSD environment, including compiler sets, not to mention some features such as tmpfs, which can be used to simulate read-write access on read-only media.

According to the developer, the capabilities of Jibbed 6.0 ranges from use by experts as a rescue environment to first-time users learning Unix. The LiveCD runs without any problems in VirtualBox, VMware or QEMU.

Download Jibbed 6.0 right now from Softpedia.

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