It's Official, Playstation 4 Runs FreeBSD Kernel

It has been suspected before the launch that it might be based on the FreeBSD system

Sony has just launched its PlayStation 4 console, and it seems that the rumors about  being based on FreeBSD are actually true.

A few months ago, users uncovered a few screenshots that indicated the fact that the PlayStation 4 operating system might be a heavily modified FreeBSD OS.

A screenshot posted by a user on Reddit shows that the operating system is using a FreeBSD kernel, which is not all that usual.

It has been suspected, for long time, that the PlayStation 3 OS had a similar model, so the fact that PS4 features a FreeBSD kernel actually feels normal.

The FreeBSD license allows any user to take the system and do pretty much anything you can do with it, including stripping it down to the kernel and replacing pretty much anything.

PlayStation 4, the latest console from Sony, was launched on November 15 in the United States.

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