Introversion's Slammer Sim "Prison Architect" Could Get Linux Support in Next Patch

The developers have given us some hope about the Linux version

Prison Architect, a game developed and published by Introversion Software, has just received a major update, but Linux support is still missing.

A Linux version of Prison Architect has been announced since the start of the project. Everyone hoped that the ninth Alpha patch would finally implement it, but it wasn't the case.

After they announced the new Alpha patch, they also responded to a tweet from a user who was asking them if the next Alpha would be more generous. Their response left all the fans waiting for the next patch.

The game has already appeared in the CDR database, but it's not a sure indication about any time frame.

Prison Architect is part of the Early Access Game program on Steam. The player's role is very simple, to build and manage a maximum security prison.

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