Introducing Kwave 0.8.10, a Sound Editor for KDE

The latest version of Kwave can be downloaded from Softpedia

Kwave, a sound editor designed for the KDE Desktop Environment that can perform a variety of tasks, has just reached version 0.8.10.

Kwave 0.8.10 can be used to edit many types of audio formats, including multi-channel files. The application also includes plugins that can transform the audio data in several ways and presents a graphical view with a complete zoom.

Highlights of Kwave 0.8.10:

• Support for Ogg/Opus codec has been added;

• An unwanted termination occurred if the splash screen closed while the first toplevel widget was starting up;

• The autodetection of svg-to-png conversion has been improved;

• Support for the "rsvg-convert" features has been added;

• The default memory size has been increased;

• Some GUI improvements have been implemented;

More details about this release and about the changes in the latest version are present in the official announcement.

Download Kwave 0.8.10 right now from Softpedia.

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